Welcome to the Defiance College Historic Methods (HI 398) and Capstone (HI 495) research blog.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage students to identify their senior research topics early and to provide them with a location to store their research data.  Throughout the remainder of the semester we will be working to identify resources available through the Pilgrim Library that you can use for your projects.  Resources will include primary sources, secondary sources, and printed primary sources.  As part of the blogging process you will begin the annotation process and continue working on the project throughout the summer in preparation for your senior research project.

This assignment is being team designed by Amanda DeArmond our instruction librarian and Michelle Tabit, Assistant Professor of History.  Student work will be evaluated by both of the aforementioned.  Ultimately Ms. DeArmond will evaluate the resource location, production, annotation and Dr. Tabit will be evaluating the final products.  This is a team endeavor and you may contact either one of us with questions or concerns.

Stay tuned for future details–

Dr. Tabit and Ms. DeArmond


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